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various roof shapes

Types of Roofs

Your rooftop is a standout amongst the most critical pieces of your property, both for usefulness and style. It’s one of the primary things that guests see and shows off your specific style while likewise ensuring everything inside.


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Whether you need small repairs, or require a completely new roof, Portland Roofing Pros can do it all. We offer services for all types of properties including tile, shingle, flat and metal roofing systems. From a one story residential home to the largest office buildings in Portland, no job is to big or to small!

Our highly trained staff has nearly 25 years of experience serving the Portland Metro Community. It is our goal to be completely transparent form start to finish,
completing every project on time and on budget. Roofing is not just a our job, it’s our passion, and it is incredibly important to the foundation of our company that
this approach shows in every single job we do. We take great pride in delivering on our promise of elite customer service with second to none quality craftsmanship.

some examples of roof styles

Some Common Roof Types in Portland

Gable Roof

This is your common A-Frame rooftop. They frequently accompany a storage room and take into account a lot of ventilation all through the house.

Hip Roof

These rooftops are inclined on all sides. This gives additional assurance against snow and wind and doesn’t hold standing water.

Shed Roof

On a shed rooftop, the whole rooftop is inclined one way. This aides water to a specific segment to control spillover.

Flat Roof

Rooftops are generally level for business or private undertakings where remaining on them is ordinary, as they take into consideration insignificant overflow.


Give Portland Roofing Pros a try and let our experience speak for itself. Don’t let roofing issues be a burden on your home and your wallet. Take that first step towards a better, more structurally sound roof. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist with all of your roofing needs.

Call or email us today for a free, no obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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