In fact, you might be surprised to find that parenting is a lot like recovery. “It’s a beautiful, challenging, exhausting and rewarding process that provides the sweetest moments of joy,” podcast host Annika wrote on the official podcast website. We all can learn from these two, I sure did, and I truly feel honored to call them friends. Join us as we discuss how important a balanced way of eating is and how regular exercise can make a big difference in the early stages of alcohol detox. We talk to Gigi Grassu, a fitness and nutrition expert who has come up with a unique approach that combines nutrition, fitness that is tailored to each person, and human connection. She explains how important a balanced way of eating is and how regular exercise can make a big positive impact in the early stages of alcohol detox.

If you or a loved one require help on your recovery journey, please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful team at Ethos Recovery. Hosts Billy and Jason of the Recovery (Sort Of) podcast created something unique. Both recovering addicts themselves, they found different paths to recovery and continued sobriety – like 12 step How to Choose a Sober House: Tips to Focus on programs – and discuss the real, nitty-gritty about fighting for recovery. Since 2014 Shane has curated nearly 400 episodes of open conversation that removes the stigma from addiction and helps people get better. Duane became addicted as a teenager but worked hard to find a purpose that helped him overcome his addiction.

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Addiction creates so much pain for so many people, and Duane wants people to know that there is help and support ⁠— that people do get better. Host Lynn Matti, author, clinical counselor, and master recovery coach, offers her professional and personal wisdom for those looking to discover more about holistic mental wellness. Lynn’s mission is to help others choose moderation or sobriety, and recover from substance use disorders. With an original, quirky approach, Lynn shares her knowledge and tips for healing from stress, substance use disorders, codependency, overworking, relationship problems, perfectionism, and more.

Additionally, Ruby is also the co-founder of the sober curious event series “Club Soda NYC”, and the online spiritual mentoring program Moon Club. On her podcast, she speaks to various people in the sobriety community to discuss their personal relationships with alcohol and how they navigate life, alcohol-free. The Sober Therapist was started in 2018 by Clinical Counselor and Master Coach Lynn Matti.


For instance, a recent episode talks about the “joy of missing out” and how that can be one of the most powerful forces in recovery. Other highlights include the mindset of sobriety, the calories of alcohol and how normal drinkers view addiction. They have different perspectives, of course, but also find much in common—and you’ll find much in common with them as you listen. Jes Valentine and Kate Zander are two friends who gave up drinking and started a podcast. This fairly new venture was started because they were sick of going to a bar and watching their friends get drunk. So, instead, they’re on a mission to create a community about getting sober, talking shit and, yes, drinking seltzer.

  • The recovery stories they share are inspiring, funny and touching, providing hope to help others feel like they are not alone.
  • Another great buddy podcast on our list is the EDIT podcast hosted by Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park.
  • Whether you relate to the word sober or not, one of the first steps in rethinking drinking is understanding some of the neuroscience that is going on in your brain (before it’s too late).
  • There are plenty of recovery resources and communities to choose from, and finding what works best for you is an act of self-care.
  • They also host interviews with experts on topics like sex, recovery from trauma, boundaries, Latinx culture, recovery and harm reduction.

Shane’s podcast is dedicated to helping others discover the benefits of sobriety and a life without substances. Featuring a diverse group of guests, Shane shares all things recovery ranging from personal stories to professional advice. Ruby Warrington’s book Sober Curious was the book that started a movement of people calling themselves ‘sober curious’. The podcast doesn’t disappoint, in its quest to weigh the ups and downs of drinking and not drinking. Guests range from incredible movers and shakers like rock-idol Moby to authors, therapists, wellness coaches and more. Sobertown is ranked #2 worldwide in Sobriety Podcasts, helping everyone start or maintain their sobriety worldwide.

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Maybe you are here in desperate need, filled with despair, and a driving desire to understand what to do? About the author, Ana Lozano Harmon enjoys family gatherings at home believes togetherness keeps unity within the family circle. Ana is retired from NBC/Telemundo TV stations where she took pride in helping fellow co-workers enjoy their time with family.

When getting sober it was very important for me personally to have strong roots. If we take the time to learn what is important to us and what tools we need our personal toolboxes then we can survive any storm that is presented to us. She is a highly recognized recovery speaker and respected leader in the addiction recovery field and regularly speaks at top industry conferences around the world. Marsha believes the coordinated efforts between the medical, legal and social-work communities are vital in addressing addictions. These men share how they are dealing with grief and sadness while staying sober and present for their families, their work, and communities.

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The wonderful thing about This Naked Mind’s podcast is the long and frequent list of guests, who are mostly just regular people, opening up and talking about their relationship with alcohol. From stay-at-home-moms to sales-execs to party girls, Annie Grace creates a space that allows people to tell their story. You will find yourself tuning in and crying or smiling along to the heart-warming stories of people you can relate to. Veronica Valli and Chip Somers are the hosts of this Soberful Life. They touch on subjects like negative self talk and how to build a sobriety habit.

  • Gigi has been in the fitness industry for over ten years and has much experience and knowledge.
  • She offers virtual or in-person training, one-on-one or group classes in boutique and commercial gyms, and major studios like Paramount, Disney, and Fox.
  • Another popular recovery podcast that has upward of 200 episodes is Recovery Elevator.
  • Guests range from incredible movers and shakers like rock-idol Moby to authors, therapists, wellness coaches and more.

If you’re looking to gain insight into sobriety and recovery from hosts with both lived and professional experience, this is a great podcast option for you. Hosted by recovery experts Veronica Valli (recovery coach) and Chip Somers (psychotherapist), this recovery podcast offers expert insights via interviews with people who have built a “soberful” life. The hosts cover a range of topics like emotional sobriety and trauma, and have been sober for a combined almost 50 years. Soberful is full of advice for those who are sober curious, navigating the early stages of sobriety, or in long-term recovery.